We use education & Entrepreneurship to build environmentally sustainable communities

What We Do


— Clean the Planet

We collect and dispose of the trash currently in our ecosystems while implementing permaculture practices that support the planet in taking care of itself naturally.


— Educate

We educate children and the local community on the importance of environmental conservation and provide best practices for how they can reduce their environmental impact every day.


— Reduce Waste

Through our permaculture center we develop innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and reintegrate our waste into things our community needs such as, fertilizer, fuel, and cleaning products.


— Make Sustainably Sourced Products

We take the fruits of our labor in the Permaculture center to market by developing eco-concious, sustainably minded food, beverage, and household products. The revenue we generate is reinvested into our program to expand our impact even further.


— Share Sustainable Living Practices

We are making our name as an industry leader in how we can develop businesses to support our local communities and the planet they rely on.


— Community Centered Design

Our goal is to co-create our centers within the communities they support. Through our community outreach initiatives we empower our students to create the change they wish to see in their local communities.

What We Care For!

Caring for our Planet

We believe there is a way for people to live in better harmony with our natural environments. We are building our permaculture center to support the exact needs of our community while reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Wholistic Educational Approach

There is more to education than simply math & science. We take a whole person approach to our education by creating an environment of diversity, acceptance, and support. Our environmentally centered curriculum, English language program, and vocational training help prepare our students for a meaningful life in the classroom, at work, and in their local community. 

Reducing & Managing Waste

Our permaculture center is designed with a waste reduction system to ensure we use all of the waste we generate. Everything we grow we use as either food, raw materials for a product, or fertilizer for our farm. We design all of our programs to reuse the waste we create, while cleaning up the waste that already exists in our lands and rivers.

Sustainably Designed Products

The products we develop for sale are all designed with the ecology in mind. They are all natural products that can be used in exchange for chemically based alternatives such as cleaners and fertilizers.

Sustainably Designed Business

Our business model is designed to support the needs of our planet and our community. We replenish the resources we use from the natural environment and from the people who support us.

Bringing Dreams within Reach

At Anak Alam Learning House, our dream is to create a more sustainable world that supports both our planet and our people. At the base of all of our program is to make dreams come true. By working towards our dreams, we can help create and achieve new dreams for generations to come.