What We Do

We believe empathy is a skill, a form of human intelligence, that can be developed and enhance through education.
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More than a school project

Anak Alam Learning House is not limited to a “school project”, we are raising a community and a whole ecosystem instead. We’re redefining the meaning of success together and putting into account the impact we have on the environment and other living components on earth. 

We provide nature-based education and a second home for children in our village to learn and grow, not only to become empowered individuals but also to become incredible, heart-centred & compassionate humans that will have the skills to support themselves, their community and their environment.

We believe it is possible

Nowadays, numerous progressive nature-based schools have emerged in developed cities. Ecology-based education is much needed in the world right now. The problem is, those exclusively learning institutions are not easily accessible for the majority of Indonesian kids. 

Is it possible to provide such quality education in a simpler way that is less costly to operate? Is it possible to provide that progressive education to underprivileged children and rural communities?

This is why we started Anak Alam Learning House. Because we believe it is possible. But we ultimately have to work together, to integrate our resources to pursue this goal. One school at a time. One community at a time.

Anak Alam Learning House operates in sumbawa under Yayasan Dunia Anak Alam, a non-profit foundation registered in Indonesia.

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