About Us

We believe empathy is a skill, a form of human intelligence, that can be developed and enhance through education.
Pak mahe ecobricks

Our Story

“I started Anak Alam Learning House less than a couple of years ago, when 3 young girls in my village climbed over my fence and told me their school has been closed down. That they needed to continue their education and didn’t know where to go.

I remember it was a fine sunny afternoon, I looked at their hopeful eyes and it reminded me of myself when I was that age: l needed a place I could go to to get answers, to feel whole and to find purpose in life. Without hesitation, I agreed to be their teacher with only one condition: they have to help our environment in any way they can. Start by sorting out plastic trash and turning it into eco-bricks as “payment” for their education with me. And thereupon, our journey started.”

– Baiq Dewi Yuningsih, teacher & founder.

Our Mission

We provide education to children in rural Indonesia through environmental awareness and waste reduction lessons to increase our students’ understanding of the importance of the environment and how to construct a healthy relationship between humans and the planet.

The Learning House

Anak Alam Learning House started with 3 students studying in a simple bamboo house in the midst of half-grown wilderness full of plants and animal life, in a remote island Sumbawa (Indonesia).
We soon realized our concept worked and is much needed by our village community.

As of today (July 2021), we have 78 students enlisted, waiting to start their education at Anak Alam Learning House.

Our rural community in this village is ready for the changes that are about to come. We will continue to build more love & empathy, and utilize our intelligence for that purpose.

We believe empathy is a skill, a form of human intelligence, that can be developed and enhanced through education.



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