Because Together We Can

build a world that Prioritizes our
environment & Education

Who We Are

Anak Alam Learning House is a grassroots initiative founded by Baiq Dewi Yuningsih based on needs she identified in her community in rural Sumbawa, Indonesia.

It all began with a couple of girls, out of school due to the covid-19 pandemic, who climbed Dewi’s fence pleading for her to teach them.  Dewi agreed to teach the young girls in exchange for an EcoBrick – a plastic water bottle filled with trash collected from the local river – as payment.

Over the past year, we have expanded into an entire permaculture and education center supporting the education of 60 children from our local village.

Our education program teaches children about the importance of environmental sustainability while empowering them to be the seeds for change in their community.

In addition to educating the youth of today, our Social Enterprise Business Model allows us to create opportunities for the future through job creation, vocational education, and English language programs.

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What We Do


— Clean the Planet

We collect and dispose of the trash currently in our ecosystems while implementing permaculture practices that support the planet in taking care of itself naturally.


— Educate

We educate children and the local community on the importance of environmental conservation and provide best practices for how they can reduce their environmental impact every day.


— Reduce Waste

Through our permaculture center we develop innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and reintegrate our waste into things our community needs such as, fertilizer, fuel, and cleaning products.


— Make Sustainably Sourced Products

We take the fruits of our labor in the Permaculture center to market by developing eco-concious, sustainably minded food, beverage, and household products. The revenue we generate is reinvested into our program to expand our impact even further.


— Share Sustainable Living Practices

We are making our name as a community leader in how we can develop businesses to support our local communities and the planet they rely on.


— Build Community

Our goal is to co-create our centers within the communities they support. Through our community outreach initiatives we empower our students to create the change they wish to see for themselves, their families, and the planet.

Impact Stories

Baiq Dewi Yuningsih - Founder

Our school is not only a place for local kids to learn valuable environmental and life skills, but it is also serves as a safe space where children can feel loved, safe and free to express their feelings and explore their thoughts. All of this, while taking care of the environment, our ecosystem, and creating a better future for us all.

Ika Wulandari - Student (17y/o)

I have such a memorable experience learning at Anak Alam Learning House. We play, we learn, we sing, we take care of our environment, we even learn about entrepreneurship. I hope Anak Alam Learning House can be more well-known, so this place can continue creating better generations of children for the world and unlock every potential we children have.