Sumbawa Permaculture

“The key to a sustainable future is permaculture.”

Reforestation & Sustainable Agriculture | Carbon Footprint Reduction | Permaculture Education

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About Sumbawa Permaculture

Sumbawa Permaculture is one of our ecology and village revitalization and integrated village into circular economy by using permaculture principles and zero waste management. This project will be integrated as a food source for local villagers and provide raw materials for our other social business units.

Project Goals:

  • 20,000 plant and trees will be planted each year
  • 3,500 people that can enjoy benefits from our permaculture and food forest supply
  • 5,200,000 pounds of oxygen we could produce each year

This business unit is established as part of our education model and to ensure financial sustainability of Anak Alam Learning House.

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