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We are currently in the process of raising funds and other resources to continue developing our own curriculum. Our goal is to be able to share and replicate our education model to rural or urban communities throughout Indonesia.
NPQ English literacy lesson
Student led activity board

Changing the way we think about education

So much has changed in our world. And it is time to change the way we think about education too. 

Contact with nature can enhance creativity, bolster mood, lower stress, improve mental acuity, well-being and productivity, cultivate social connectedness, and promote physical activity. It also has myriad educational benefits for teaching and learning.

– Tonia Gray Associate Professor at the Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University.

Our education model adapts to the concept of home-based learning. While the majority of people are familiar with only one style of education (the traditional system of textbooks, desks in row and standardized testing), there are a wide array of other educational philosophies. These other methods include Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, project-based learning, interest-led learning and so much more.

Education development plan

Our education model prioritizes the process of attaining knowledge over the memorization of any specific knowledge.

We put at the heart of our learning are our permaculture ethics and principles. We facilitate our students with activities that can engage them holistically, using the “eyes, hands, heart and head” approach.

Within our centre, we plan our learning facilities to be embedded with social enterprise functions. Our students not only study in a classroom set up most of us are familiar with.

Enlarging our current facility, our education development plan are as following:

Pak mahe ecobricks

Sumbawa Permaculture - Nature Play, an educational permaculture garden.

We do not underestimate the power of a garden as an educational tool. This permaculture garden is a great opportunity to teach not only math, science, logic and social skills to our students but more leaning toward People Care, Earth Care and Fair Share values. Our students will learn through: reforestation projects, sustainable agriculture, carbon footprint reduction, ecology and village revitalization. As we educate our students within this platform, we also will obtain financial benefits. All while helping our natural ecosystem to thrive; click here to read Sumbawa Permaculture Pitchdeck
Reusing plastic cup to plant seedlings

Garasi Vegan Kitchen - Science in the Kitchen

Learning in the kitchen provides children opportunities to gain a sense of accomplishment. Skills and healthy habits our students can learn in this kitchen set up: explore their senses, expand their palate, make healthy choices, responsibility, share meaningful conversation, basic math, science and language skills. On the business side, this platform/unit is a hospitality project, the first vegan coffee shop and eatery in Sumbawa that will use our own homegrown and locally sourced ingredients.  The outcome of the learning process in this area would be cruelty-free tangible products that can have both economic values and promote holistic empathy within our community. Click here to read Garasi Vegan Pitchdeck
Educative kitchen space in the garden (1)

Waste to Hero studio

Waste management at our learning house can be our first step towards making our planet a cleaner and safer place. By managing waste at our centre with our students, we can foster many essential things in their minds: respect for nature, conscious consumerism, healthy eating, innovative thinking, the skill of sharing and staying organized. Being raised in an environment where people know how to reduce waste and recycle trash properly, our students will become responsible and thoughtful members of the community. On a full scale, this unit will be providing a total solution for waste management processing, upcycling and recycling projects in rural communities. Click here to read Waste to Hero Pitchdeck (link to pdf file)
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