We are Dedicated to the environment & Education

Our Approach

We Use the Environment to
Educate Children

Anak Alam Learning House is a grassroots initiative working to address the root causes of climate change through environmental sustainability education and permaculture programs. Our education program teaches local children about the importance of the environment and empowers them to share their knowledge with their families and friends, allowing them to be the seeds for change in our community.

Through our permaculture initiatives, we are provide our students with hands-on learning opportunities to put their new knowledge into practice while co-creating a more sustainably designed community to aid in waste management, environmental preservation, and sustainable enterprise development.

Now that our learning center and farm have been constructed, we are building a cafe, production center, and store to generate revenue to support our program in the long-term while creating new vocational learning opportunities for our students to gain skills and experience in the service, hospitality, production & manufacturing, and retail industries.

We are also working to establish an adult permaculture education program due to the demand from our community members.

Our Mission

We provide education to children in rural Indonesia through environmental awareness and waste reduction lessons to increase our students’ understanding of the importance of the environment and how to construct a healthy relationship between humans and the planet.

Our Vision

We envision a world constructed of sustainable communities that prioritize earth care, people care, and fair share practices over profit.  A world where villagers in rural communities in Indonesia are empowered with the knowledge, equipment, and skills they need to sustain their communities both financially and environmentally. A world were future generations are empowered with access to education and opportunity to build a better world together.

Who We Are

Our Founders

Baiq Dewi Yuningsih

Dewi is an innovative problem solver, inspired by the challenges of the children in her rural community in Sumbawa, Indonesia. Motivated by the beauty and resources nature has to offer, Dewi has dedicated her work to educating children about the importance of environmental sustainability, while  developing more sustainable farming and waste management practices in her community.

By integrating her passion for the environment and education with her experience in international business development, management, and marketing, Dewi is able to connect the community-centered programs she creates with greater opportunities for her students and the planet as a whole.

Listriana "Nana" Suherman

Nana is a self proclaimed eco-warrior dedicated to waste reduction, sustainable living, and the creation of a circular economy. For more than 7 years, Nana has been a permaculture leader throughout Indonesia, teaching workshops and hosting waste management events to educate communities and future generations about the importance of the environment and how to live in greater harmony with it.

With a background in marketing and business, Nana is able to bring an innovative approach to how to minimize our environmental impact while leveraging the resources she develops in her permaculture programs to create eco-friendly, sustainably minded businesses and products.